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How to Prevent Kidney Stones: The Ultimate Guide

Kidney stones refer to hard mineral deposit that forms inside the kidney. It can be as small as a grain of sand or as large as a ping pong ball. If you are among those who suffer from kidney stones, then you know how important it is to find ways to prevent them. This blog will discuss some of the most effective ways of preventing kidney stones.

There are several things you can do to prevent kidney stones from forming:

1. Consume Foods Rich in Calcium

Most kidney stones are made up of calcium oxalate, a combination of calcium and oxalate, making most people avoid eating calcium-rich food. Oxalate is a natural substance found in many foods, including fruits, vegetables, nuts, and chocolate.

However, the calcium in these foods helps reduce the amount of oxalate absorbed into the body. So, including calcium-rich foods in your diet is an excellent way to prevent kidney stones from forming. On the contrary, a low-calcium diet might also increase the risk of kidney stones and osteoporosis.

2. Drink Plenty of Fluids

Drinking fluids helps flush out the kidneys and eliminates any excess minerals that lead to kidney stones. It is recommended that you drink at least eight glasses of water per day. However, if you are prone to kidney stones, you may need to drink more than that.

If you don't take enough water, you will have lower urine output, increasing the risk of stone formation because urine is the primary way stones leave the body.

3. Avoid Excessive Intake of Sodium

Too much sodium in the diet can increase calcium levels in the urine, promoting kidney stone formation. It is recommended that you keep your sodium intake to less than 2,300 mg per day. You can use fresh herbs to flavor your food and avoid using salt.

4. Limit Consumption of Oxalate-Rich Foods

The main component of calcium oxalate stones is oxalate. Therefore, it is vital to limit your intake of high oxalate foods. Some of the most common oxalate-rich foods include nuts, beans, chocolate, and spinach.

If you experience a kidney stone attack, there are some steps you can take to help relieve the pain:

1. Drink Plenty of Fluids

Drinking fluids will help flush the kidneys and eliminate any excess stones.

2. Take Over-The-Counter Pain Medication

Many over-the-counter pain medications can help relieve the pain of a kidney stone attack. Some of the most common drugs include ibuprofen and acetaminophen.

3. See A Doctor

If you are experiencing a kidney stone attack, it is essential to see a doctor. They can help relieve the pain and may prescribe medications to help prevent future attacks.


You can lower the risk of developing kidney stones by following the above tips. If you experience an attack, you can take various steps to relieve the pain. Kidney stones are quite common and can be pretty painful. If you have suffered from kidney stones previously, ask your healthcare provider to test the type of kidney stone. It will help you tailor your diet and take the necessary steps to avoid reoccurrence.

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